Dear Baileyblog readers,

Glad to connect with you again this week.  Sharing today my appearance on a recent panel on the Black Lives Matter movement.  This discussion took place after the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

I appear with the following professors: Dr. Andrea Boyle,(Tulane University) and Dr. Vladimir Mendencia (Univ of Delaware).

Thank you Thom Canalichio and Newswise for the invitation.

I hope you will listen to the entire presentation as these colleagues make some important observations.

Here too are some highlights:

At 20 min:  A call to deescalate violence and a call for a national ceasefire

At 29 min Silver Lining: young people on the front lines

At 32min  A Global Multiracial movement in this moment of racial reckoning

At 36 min:  A call for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission including reference to the initiative that Binghamton University is launching.

At 56 min  Reparations and the signficance of Senator Kamla Harris’ nomination

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