Dear Breonna Taylor  by Brenda Cave-James

Dear Breonna Taylor by Brenda Cave-James

Bet you never thought bet you never knew in all your training- your saving of humanity How you might fly from a bloodied bed- bed-o-bullets Wee hours of the morning To save Breonna Taylor- (Oh wait-that would be you)   How you’d plug up hemorrhaging police gun...

The Way Forward: Truth and Reconciliation

Dear Baileyblog Readers, As you know, I have been writing about the need for a Truth and Reconciliation process for some time now.  At the end of my second book, African Voices of the Atlantic Slave Trade: Beyond the Silence and Shame, I discussed this at length. I am...
Freedom is a process

Freedom is a process

This week, Jamaica celebrated both Emancipation (Aug. 1) and Independence Day (Aug. 6.) This post originally published in 2017 at the height of Usain Bolt’s fame, is a reminder that freedom is a process.   When the British colonizers, in response to repeated...
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