Voting rights still need to be protected

President Johnson signs the Voting Rights Act of 1965 If you have seen the movie Selma, you will be reminded that the securing of voting rights for African Americans is still something relatively new.  Though Congress passed the 15th Amendment as long ago as 1870...
America: a place of refuge?

America: a place of refuge?

Today for my class on Holocaust history, we watched the film, Woman in Gold.   The film is about an Austrian Holocaust survivor,  Maria Altmann, who discovered late in life that a famous painting of her aunt  was stolen by the Nazis. With the help of a young Jewish...
A Life Well Spent  R.I.P.Dr. Ron Myers

A Life Well Spent R.I.P.Dr. Ron Myers

I have been thinking a lot about a life well spent.  It is not about fame or fortune or even length of years.   Dr. Ron Myers, a man of faith, lived and died so honorably. He was a doctor, a preacher, a musician, and an activist. For years, he lobbied US Presidents...
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