Bailey is committed to a concept of “living history” in which events of the past are connected to current and contemporary issues. She is also concerned with the reconciliation of communities after age old conflicts like slavery, war, and genocide. This is best evidenced in her non-fiction book, African Voices of the Atlantic Slave Trade: Beyond the Silence and the Shame and The Weeping Time: Memory and the Largest Slave Auction in American History.

About African Voices of the Atlantic Slave trade (Beacon Press):

The book captures African memories of the slave trade – a rich yet largely neglected source of information on this important era. African chiefs and other elders share stories that reveal the experience of Africans as victims of the trade as well as traders. At the same time, African Voices of the Atlantic Slave Trade bridges the gap between Africa and the African Diaspora in tackling issues from trade operations on the continent to reparations for African descendants.

The first history of the Atlantic slave trade culled from the memories of those Africans left behind . . . it will forever alter our understanding of the Middle Passage.”

— Robin D. G. Kelley, author of Yo’ Mama’s Disfunktional!

About  The Weeping Time: Memory and the Largest Slave Auction in American History (Cambridge University Press, 2017):

In 1859, at the largest recorded slave auction in American history, over 400 men, women, and children were sold by the Butler Plantation estates. This book is one of the first to analyze the operation of this auction and trace the lives of slaves before, during, and after their sale. Immersing herself in the personal papers of the Butlers, accounts from journalists that witnessed the auction, genealogical records, and oral histories, Anne C. Bailey weaves together a narrative that brings the auction to life. Demonstrating the resilience of African American families, she includes interviews from the living descendants of slaves sold on the auction block, showing how the memories of slavery have shaped people’s lives today. Using the auction as the focal point, The Weeping Time is a compelling and nuanced narrative of one of the most pivotal eras in American history, and how its legacy persists today.

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