Tourism and Inequality

Tourism and Inequality

I watched a fascinating documentary recently called Jamaica for sale. I think it is a must- see for anyone interested in tourism and concerned about income inequality. The bottom line is that tourism can be a good thing. In fact, it is important for many nations and...
Year in Review:  Miracles Do Happen

Year in Review: Miracles Do Happen

The end of year brings with it a lot of reflection.   Thanksgiving has passed but I am still feeling very thankful.  This was a year that was promised but yet elusive for such a long time.  The long journey to the publication of my book, The Weeping Time: Memory and...

Voting rights still need to be protected

President Johnson signs the Voting Rights Act of 1965 If you have seen the movie Selma, you will be reminded that the securing of voting rights for African Americans is still something relatively new.  Though Congress passed the 15th Amendment as long ago as 1870...
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