This is what I wrote about it a couple of months ago about the history of reparations and the ways in which America could lead by example:
And lately, this happened:
Reparations bill Approved out of Committee in historic vote…after 30 long years!
Anne C. Bailey
No Questions Asked   (in honor of George Floyd)
George Floyd was
the sacrificial lamb-
tortured by way of
America’s knee.
Slow death by one of
her biggest icons
of absolute
utmost purity.
Like Easter Bunny.
Santa Clause.
Apple Pie,
Lady Liberty.
Brother Floyd was
the proverbial,
sacrificial somebody.
Because they saw,
They finally see.
By way of suffocation.
A ticket was stamped
for the parking ramp
of Caucasia, USA.
“Wow…That’s awful!
Man, Oh man!
Now we believe!”
Hot damn.
            Brenda Cave-James c9/20
Find Anne C. Bailey's non-fiction book : The Weeping Time: Memory and the Largest Slave Auction in American History on Amazon.

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