This past week, we were all blown away by the poetry of Amanda Gorman at President Biden’s inauguration.    It was beautiful, it was searing, it was aspirational.  I could not help but think of another bard and Baileyblog contributor, Brenda Cave James, and her poem remembering the late, great Congressman Elijah Cummings, who passed away in October 2019.  It is hard not to think of him and Congressman  John Lewis who would have been so proud.
Tears welled up like
I knew you.
I knew your voice
your truths and scorn for liars.
Heard your facial words
I understood.
We understood
all too familiar quiets
from hot coals and
heaped upon heads
of our Black fathers
and grandfathers.
Our elders.
All heroes unsung
in this two-faced America.
You wore your biblical
namesake well.
Feared not the kings of evil-
hate mongers
nor windbags-
cowards who cursed you
from afar.
Tears welled up
 like I knew you when
you left us in
the night.
Fly. Fly far.
Fly wide and away.
Wake to sit down, finally.
Sup with warriors, prophets.
The Greats. The True.
The very Fine Ones…
Well done, good Sir.
Well done.
cc:  Brenda Cave-James c10/20/2019
Photo courtesy of Office of Joyce Beatty –, Public Domain,  (Public Domain)
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