‘The Weeping Time’ and the story of the largest slave auction in American history


For whom the shoe fits…
(part IV in celebration of  
Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson)
An old saying goes
“It’s an evil wind where no good blows”
So thank you for leaving
the Senate Chambers
for slithering out (in spirit or flesh)
Thank you for being your little selves
void of consideration or class,
ill mannered, rude, pitiful fools!
Like somebody cared!
Proving another old idiom
“showing your (collective) ass.”
Thank you for leaving.
You were not wanted
in such a glorious time or space.
It wasn’t your party to not celebrate-
wasn’t your picnic to rain upon
with pompous
white-hot supremacy, hate…
Her day was SO not about you
No one paid you any mind!
But thank you
for being like roaches
scattering when lights go on.
Her lights were on.
Her brilliance abounded and abounds!
Despite your vicious vacant souls-
Your evil winds
where no good blows.
                Brenda Cave-James c4/7/22
Find Anne C. Bailey's non-fiction book : The Weeping Time: Memory and the Largest Slave Auction in American History on Amazon.

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