Because we could all use some poetry right now…

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I am a Man mural, Memphis, TN


American History 101
America is not burning.
America is boiling…
bubbling up in hot mess
a steamy, smelly cauldron
like when Mammy stewed and stirred round
bed clothes after sickness-
or stench from Massa’s britches
(all that raping of young Mammy).
Her kettles simmered everything clean-
except for blood
from Massa murdering millions
of Black men and boys
women and girls
ten ways or a ‘tuther.
Stripped out
nulled and voided-
My Lord! Ask ol’ Satan
if he’d ever heaped such hellishness
on folk for three, four hundred years!
First Massa-
then his son, Jim Crow-
then his sons with so many names
I can’t even tell you.
Meanst while, Mammy’s naked
 no name sons
(‘least those not castrated)
had themselves a family
 they had themselves a family.
A handful found some bacon.
A few more caught the hog.
Mammy caught the Holy Ghost-
while Massa’s sons
and theirs (not nigra’)
got the farm and
They keep saying
“Ain’t it grand!
One nation under God
with liberty and justice”
and all that other bullshite…
Mammy always said
“An unwatched pot
boils over……”
                              Brenda Cave James  6/18
Old Wisdom
So the momma and the daddy
said unto their coloured son
back in Jim Crow South-
“It’s raining, Jr.
-wear your rubbers.
take your jacket.
keep that last dime in your pocket
lest the car has trouble-
lest you get pulled over
and clubbed about the head.”
So the momma and the daddy
say unto their son of color
in 21st Century America
“It’s raining Jr.
take your jacket
grab a hat.
Keep your cell phone handy-
lest the car has trouble
lest you get pulled over
or tazed-
beat down
 or chased-
 shot five, six times
in the back.”
It’s raining, Jr.
raining hard.
Might you ought to just stay home-
lest you catch
your death of cold.
Cold as in the county morgue-
It’s raining now like crazy.
In the bright of day.
They piss and call it rain.
Stank hot pee
is sweet Spring rain.
Just do not run for cover.
                        Brenda Cave  James  10/ 19

Photo above by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

Photo below by History in HD on Unsplash
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MLK in the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, August 28, 1963. The purpose of the march was to advocate for the civil and economic rights of African Americans.


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