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This past week, there was a renewed debate about Harriet Tubman and whether she will replace Andrew Jackson on the US $20 bill.  The past administration had decided to delay this decision. President Biden’s administration has put it back on the table.  Here I am advocating for the same.

Harriet Tubman Interview

I do believe that this would be a bold move by the administration and would signal the importance of Black contributions to the development of America.   It would go a long way in the direction of truth and reconciliation.

Speaking of Truth and Reconciliation, if you follow our blog, you know that the Harriet Tubman/Binghamton University Center for Freedom and Equity in partnership with President Harvey Stenger has launched a Truth and Reconciliation Panel to look squarely at issues of race and ethnicity on our campus.

If you are a student, member of the staff, faculty, alum or otherwise affiliated with Binghamton University, sign up TODAY!

Let your voice be heard regarding your experience OR share your recommendations.

The eleven-member panel of staff, faculty, students and alums stands ready to LISTEN and act on your recommendations.

Finally, Happy 4th anniversary to Baileyblog.  Thank you readers for your support. Please feel free to share with your contacts and friends as we move towards our fifth year of publication.

Till next week, stay safe.

Anne C. Bailey

Recently discovered picture of Tubman
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Photo courtesy of Powelson, Benjamin F. 1823 – 1885, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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